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Lighting Control

A lighting control system is an infrastructure which takes care of all the switching and dimming of your home’s light loads/ fittings. Key benefits are energy (therefore cost) saving, occupancy simulation or ‘Holiday Mode’, lighting scenes for every mood, timeclock events for the whole home, flicker free dimming of LED loads and much much more.

With the implementation of ‘geo-fencing’ technologies, your home will know when you have left and have your lights switch themselves off.

One crucial aspect of any lighting control is reliability, which is why we are proud to have been supplying, installing and commissioning Lutron lighting systems for more than 10 years.

With experienced in-house expertise we can supply, program and commission your lighting system working alongside electrical contractors to implement the most resilient lighting controls.

Lutron and Rako lighting systems also offer a selection of wireless solutions, enabling the switch to lighting control for single room solution such as cinema rooms, kitchen re-models or even garden lighting.