The smart choice, for the ‘smart’ home!

Home Control

Anything imaginable is possible, home control is overseeing many functions allowing a single point of control (one easy to use interface) for the whole home.

Typical control system implementations include TV and music control, lighting control, heating/ cooling control, electric blind or curtain control, some level of automation and CCTV integration.

A control system is completely customizable and scalable solution only imagination is the limiting factor. With growing product control in all different areas of the home, such as refrigeration, ovens, garage doors, door locks, kettleā€™s, coffee makers etc you can schedule, remote control or simply monitor multi events / processes.

Why not have your lights slowly turn on as an alarm call, whilst your curtains open and let in the natural light and your favourite radio station starts playing in the kitchen? You can have a similar function while your away from home to simulate occupancy improving security?

At AV Custom Ltd we work with the industry leaders to provide solutions for almost any scenario, long established companies such as Control4 (Gold Dealer status) and Crestron.