The smart choice, for the ‘smart’ home!

Home Control & Building Management

Lighting management and automation has never played such a big part in interior design and overall energy saving as it does today. With LED lighting flooding the market place, the ability to reduce running costs has been a big driving factor for many people to switch their light fittings. The drawback is that there is a huge disparity in LED fittings, their manufacture and quality, along with a far starker lighting environment in a lot cases.

The key solution is to integrate a home lighting control system to enable correct and effective dimming of these loads and to manage further cost savings, whether a new project or simply a retrofit environment, we can offer a lighting and window treatment solution for all your needs. Working for more than 10 years with the leading lighting control systems including Lutron and Rako, we have seen our clients enjoy considerable savings and convenience.

Together now with widespread heating control compatibility and electric blinds/ curtains/ windows, you can truly run your home effectively and efficiently, at or away from home.